Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Children of Nimrod Nicholas and Frances J. Thacker

Finally, finally, thanks to help from some fellow Thacker researchers, I feel confident that I have identified 12 of Nimrod and Francis Thacker’s children.

Okay, so you’re not impressed by this bit of news, but when you have a ton of Thackers living in the Wilkesville area of Vinton County and the Ray area of Jackson County with a penchant for naming their children a handful of names (Sarah, Catherine, Mary, Martha, David, Hiram), it’s not all that easy to figure out who belongs to whom.

Francis Thacker was enumerated in the 1900 census, and at that time, she said that she had 13 children and only 8 were still living. I’m still missing the 13th child, and unless someone comes up with a family bible, I don’t think I’m going to be able to find this child. I’ve been to Curry Cemetery where four of the children are buried, and there appears to be no marker for this last child.

The known children are:

!. Clarinda Thacker born March 1841
2. Martha Ann Thacker born Sept 1844
3. David Thacker August 3, 1846
4. Algerine Thacker approx. 1848
5. Sarah J. Thacker October 23, 1849
6. Ambrose C. Thacker approx. 1851
7. Nicholas Thacker March 24, 1852
8. Mary Francis Thacker May 19, 1854
9. Catherine Thacker March 03, 1855
10. Hiram N. Thacker April 14, 1858
11. Hannah N. Thacker approx. Feb or March 1860
12 Louise E. Thacker August 14, 1861

Over the next few posts, I’ll be discussing each of these children along with the source of my evidence, which will allow you to evaluate the information for yourself.

At the time of Nimrod N. Thacker’s death in July of 1893, letters of appointment indicate besides his widow, Francis J. Thacker, the following individuals were said to be his only heirs at law:

Clarinda Markham – Daughter
Martha A. Thacker – Daughter
David Thacker – Son
Sarah J. Waldren – Daughter
Catherine Thacker – Daughter
Nicholas Thacker – Son
Hiram Thacker – Son
Louisa Garrett – Daughter
Viola Thacker – Granddaughter
Claudy Thacker – Grandson

A big tip of the hat to Judy for providing me with the information on the Letters of Appointment – this confirmed the identities of a couple of the children and took away any lingering doubts. Thanks Judy!

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