Saturday, September 29, 2012

Family Tree DNA Sale and DNA Results

Okay, if you have thought about getting your mtDNA tested or getting your very own Family Finder (autosomal) test taken, this is the weekend to do IT! 

I received the following notice from Family Tree DNA:

This sale starts Friday, September 28, at 12:00am and ends Sunday, September 30, at 11:59PM.

New Kits                   Current Price          SALE PRICE

Family Finder              $289                      $199

mtFullSequence           $299                      $199

Family Finder +
mtFullSequence           $559                      $398

Upgrades                Current Price         SALE PRICE

Family Finder              $289                      $199

HVR1 to
mtFullSequence           $269                      $199

HVR2 to
mtFullSequence          $239                       $199

mtFullSequence          $289                       $199

As with all promotions, orders need to be placed by the end of the sale and payment must be made by end of this sale.

Click here to learn more.


In other news,  I suffered a hard drive crash last month.  I lost most of the genealogy files that I had neglected to back up in the last year.  I am still trying to regroup.  Thankfully, I had sent a copy of my Thacker to someone who has been a great help in understanding the ins and outs of DNA. 

Unfortunately, I was working on a post on Holman Thacker that I have to research again from scratch.  A descendant of Holman's took the YDNA test a few years ago when Ancestry was offering them. He has transferred the data to Family Tree and there was a match, but not to any Thacker's in the database. He has a 25 of 25 markers match to descendants of  - wait for it - Gilbert Gibson

More to come on this as I redue (groan) my research

We have the mtDNA results from the descendants of Mildred Jane Thacker wife of Wetherfoot Napper and Frances Thacker wife of Nimrod Nicholas Thacker.  Mildred is from the haplogroup H1c.  Frances is from the haplogroup U3a.   This means, though they were living beside each other in the 1850 census, they were not sisters.   More on this as I research these two haplogroups. 

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