Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Announcing (I hope) The Vinton County DNA Project

Okay, this is a little premature, but I have applied to Family Tree DNA to do a geographic project for The Vinton County Group.  We will be looking at YDNA and mtDNA of the original members of the group trying to answer the following questions:

1. How are we related?
2. What is our ethnic background?
3. What is our genetic surnames?
4. Do we share common ancestors with any of the other so called triracial groups? 

Unfortunately, not all of us who descend from "the group: would have the "right stuff" to be tested. 

For the YDNA test you have to be male. You also have to have an unbroken father to son descent from the original members of the group, meaning you probably have the last name Thacker, Dorton or Napper. 

For the mtDNA testing it is a little trickier.  Mitochondrial DNA is pasted down from mother to child. A female child will pass it on to her children but a male child cannot.  So for example if my grandfather was alive (he is not), he could be tested because his mother was Elizabeth Cope Smathers.  Her mother was Frances Thacker Cope whose mother was Clarinda Thacker Marcum, whose mother was Frances Thacker Thacker. 

Frances is one of the individuals we want to find the mtDNA for, so while my grandfather would have Frances's mtDNA and would be a candidate for the test, his children would not.  However, one of my grandfather's sisters would not only be a candidate for the the test but so would her children. Have I confused you?

If you are interested in doing the test, but aren't sure if you qualify just email at the address in the right hand column of this page.  We'll chat. :)

Why am I telling you this now, before the project has been approved? Well, Family Tree DNA is having their summer sale from now through June 15th.  Below are the prices for New Kits.

New Kit Prices during the special:

New kits

Y-DNA12 : $59 instead of $99

Y-DNA37 : $129 instead of $149

Y-DNA67 : $199 instead of $238

mtFullSequence : $219 instead of $299

Family Finder : $199 instead of $289

Family Finder + Y-DNA37 : $328 instead of $438

Family Finder + mtDNAPlus : $328 instead of $438

SuperDNA : $428 instead of $518

Comprehensive (FF + FMS + Y-DNA67) : $617 instead of $797

The following are individuals whose YDNA we hope to find:

Nimrod Thacker
Holman Thacker
Chapman Thacker
Edwell Thacker
Ivory Thacker
Thomas Thacker
John A Thacker
Ellis Thacker
Robert Thacker
David Thackeer
Ambrose Thacker
George W. Thacker
Malachi Dorton
Levi Napper
Wetherfoot Napper
Peter Napper
William Napper (who may be Richard Napper)

The following are individuals whose mtDNA we hope to find:

Emma Jane Dorton, wife of Peter Napper, daughter of Mahala Thacker Dorton
Mildred Jane Thacker wife Wetherfoot Napper
Frances Thacker wife of Nimrod Thacker
Patsy Ann Thacker  wife of Levi Napper, Daughter of Sally Lemay Thacker
Permelia Jane Thacker wife of Joseph McKinnis and Levi Shiflet, Daughter of Sally Lemay Thacker
Peachy Thacker or Napper? wife of Moses Freeman
Martha Thacker wife of Chapman Thacker
Sally Thacker wife of Austin Pattison
Catherine Thacker wife James Jordon, Daugher of Nancy Dalton Thacker
Nancy Thacker wife of John Vest, Daughter of Nancy Dalton Thacker
Louisa Thacker wife of James Hollis, Daugher of Nancy Dalton Thacker
Polly Ann Napper, wife of Edwill Thacker, Daugher of Sally Napper (Gibson)
Roxanne Napper, wife of Holman Thacker, Daugher of Sally Napper (Gibson)
Lucinda Napper, wife of Sanford Smith, Daughter of Sally Napper (Gibson)
Virginia Napper, wife of James Dorton, Daughter of Sally Napper (Gibson)
Patsy Ann Napper, wife Ivory Thacker, Daughter of Sally Napper (Gibson)

Some of these are redundant.  For example Roxanne, Polly Ann, Lucinda, Virginia and Patsy Ann should all have the same mtDNA.  (But does Peachy?)

Theoretically all the Nappers should be the same and all of the Thackers should be the same, but are they?

Should we look for mtDNA for Sarah Evans wife George W. Thacker? What about Ann Vaughn wife of Thomas Thacker.  Should we include Moses Freeman or Levi Shiflet?

Lots of questions, and your input is wanted.  If you are interested, you can contact me through the comments or the email address over in the right hand column.  Maybe, together we will solve some of the mysteries.

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