Monday, April 16, 2012

Ancestry Autosomal DNA Beta – The Saga Continues

Right before Easter, I received a notice from Ancestry telling me that they could not get a decent sample from the swabs that I sent to them last November.  The next day, April 5th, Ancestry sent me an email informing me that they had  sent a second kit for DNA sample collection.  

I still hadn’t received my kit by today’s mail, so I decided to call  Ancestry's DNA customer service.  

I learned a couple of things from Sean, my good buddy at Ancestry. 

1.      1.  They had a significant rate of problems with the swab tests. The new kits will contain a "spit" collection method instead of the swab collection method. ( I remember reading that another company does a spit method of collection.- Maybe 23 and ME?)

2.       2.  If the second kit is not here by May 6th, I can call and request them to send out yet another kit.

So, I’m back to square one.  ARGGHHH!!!!!


Laura Major said...

Hi! I'm a "Thacker" too! We live in La. and there aren't many of left! Trying to follow your blog , but the follow button isn't working? Any ideas?
PS Are you on facebook? I've found a few Thacker's there too! :)
Laura Thacker Major, find me! :)


Thanks, Laura! You are right, my RSS Feed link is gone. (They've also changed how I update this blog - gee, I hate progress.)

I've put in an email subscribe until I can figure out how to put back the RSS feed.

Nope, I am not on Facebook. Can you believe a blogger who is Anti Facebook - neither, can my family.

Does your family have connections to the Vinton County Group, or do they come from Virginia originally?

Thanks for posting. I will try to figure out what happen to the follow button. So annoying ...

Deb W said...

Hi. I just found your blog while trying to determine if my maternal grandfather might be a melungeon. He was born in Ohio, but I knew that his 'people' were from KY and TN. His last name was Reliford which is a common name in LA, but nearly everyone with that surname is black. There could be African American ancestry there somewhere, but I have no indication of a Louisiana connection.

I have no evidence that he could be from one of these 'tri-racial isolates,' only suspicions, due to Grandpa's year-round brown skin, high cheekbones and ice-blue eyes, which I read early on can be a characteristic.

I read this evening about 'Carmel Indians' moving from Eastern KY to Ohio, then ran across the 'Vinton Co. People' designation.

I know my ggrandparent's names, James Henry Reliford and Emma Barber, and they did live in Vinton Co. I haven't read through all of your posts, but I haven't seen their surname here.

(coincidentally, my mother's good friend in my hometown of Lancaster Ohio was a Thacker!)

Deb Whited
Lexington KY


I've often wondered if there was a Kentucky connection. I have not found one yet. I don't recognize the names, but I will definitely keep them in mind as my research goes forward.

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