Monday, April 21, 2008

So, I begin

Marriage Bond of David Thacker and Sally Lemay

Okay, one of things I love about the Library of Virginia is the inter-library loan program. I have an easier time accessing County records of Virginia than I do the ones right here in the State of Ohio!

I took a day off of work on my birthday (April Fool's Day, appropriately enough) and I went to Birchard Library and ordered three county films from Louisa County, Virginia. The total cost to yours truly, $2.45 which was the cost for Birchard Library to insure the return of the three films to the Library of Virginia.

I thought carefully about which films I would order. I finally made my selection:

1. Reel 52,Marriage Bonds, 1813-1818, No index

2. Reel 12, Deed Book U, 1833 - 1835, Unpaged index, 619 p. & Deed Book V, 1835 - 1837, Unpaged index, 600 p.

3. Reel 27, General Index to Wills, No. 1, 1742 - 1947.

I know that the Thacker, Napper and Freeman clans came to Gallia County in the mid 1830's. I can trace my ancestors back only to Nimrod Nicholas Thacker and his wife Frances who were married in Jackson County, Ohio. I suspect that Nimrod - ok from now on I'm calling him Nicholas, is the son of David Thacker and Sally Lemay.

Near the time of her death there is a record of Sally Thacker being baptized into the Catholic Church at the home of Nicholas Thacker in Vinton County. It gives Sally's parents as Anna and John Lemay. I had read that Sally Lemay and David Thacker were married in Louisa County. I knew that information had to come from somewhere so I started with the marriage bonds.

All I can say is after going through each frame of the Marriage Bond film, I was oh so happy to move on to the Deed Book which was blessedly indexed.

You can see that I found the marriage bond, and I found a lot of other little goodies that I will post on as time permits. So, I now have confirmed one piece of my puzzle - I just don't know how important the piece is.

Notice that it lists Annis Lemay as the mother, and William Gibson is listed along with David Thacker as giving bond.

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