mtDNA of Vinton County Group

mtDNA wanted for Vinton County Group Descendants


According to FamilyTree DNA 

Testing Level Done by Descendents: 

1. Polly Ann Napper Thacker  - mtFullSequence
2. Mildred Jane Thacker Napper -mtFullSequence
*3. Ann Thacker Napper - mtFullSequence 
*4. Frances J. Thacker Thacker - mtFullSequence 
5. Permelia Jane Thacker McGinnis Shiflett - HVR1 & HVR2

*Ann Thacker Napper and Frances J. Thacker Thacker were exact matches for the full sequence.  Permelia Jane Thacker Shiflett McGinnis matched them in both the HVR1 & HVR2. 

Need More Info about mtDNA? 

View a 90 second video at the University of Utah

How do I find my own mtDNA line? 

Link to Vinton County Group on Family Tree DNA: 

Want to participate or just have a few questions? 

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