Friday, September 13, 2013

New Ethnicity Estimates from

You'll remember that when Ancestry came out with their predictions of my ancestry, I wasn't all that impressed.

Below is a look at what they said my ethnicity was:

Today, some lucky Ancestry DNA customers got a first glimpse at a program they will be rolling out for all of their DNA customers over the next few months.

Count me as one of the lucky ones.  Below are the "new" ethnic predictions Ancestry has made for yours truly.

I'm still studying it, but I really do like the documentation and the graphics. 

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Interesting Article on Racial Origins of Melungeons and oh, yes - probably The Vinton County Group too!

One of my Internet friends (and also as it happens, a distant, distant, distant cousin) sent me a link to an article written in October of 2002 by a George R. Gibson entitled "Mellungeons and Myth."  The article, in fact, appeared in Appalachian Quarterly in December 2002.

It's a great piece looking at the possible racial origins of Melungeons. Since the Vinton County Group has the same Virginian Gibson heritage, the information relates to our own mixed racial origins. 

Mr. Gibson's conclusions after doing research, mirrors very closely to my own beliefs on the subject.

In any case, if you are enamored, like I am, with the idea of our mixed racial roots you might like to take a peek at this article.

You can find it HERE.

Thanks, J for forwarding this to me. :-)

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