Sunday, May 11, 2008

My 1800 Census Miracle

Okay, this never happens to me, but this time I have gotten incredibly lucky. According to another researcher in Virginia, during the war of 1812 all the 1800 census forms were burned EXCEPT for two counties. And I can hardly believe it myself, but Louisa County, Virginia happens to be one of the two counties not burned. What were the chances?

She has already let me know that all the Gibsons, Nappers, and Thackers listed are all listed under white persons in that census. However, Annis Lemay, is listed as not white.

Now Annis is the mother of David and Sally Lemay. According to Napper researchers, David Lemay is the father of the Napper children who came to Gallia County with David Thacker's family and Malachi Dorton's family.

Sally, of course, married David Thacker whom I believe to be the father of Nicholas Thacker, my gggg grandfather. According to a Land Deed, David Thacker, as well as Malachi Dorton among others are the children of Mary Dalton.

According to my friend in Virginia, who is a Dalton researcher, Mary Dalton was Mary Branham, daughter of Benjamin Branham and Frances Gibson. She was also the SISTER of Annis Branham Lemay, which means if all of this is correct, David and Sally were first cousins.

Okay, I have to stop here and go do the genealogical happy dance!

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